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Linking Generations 3rd Annual Family Meet and Greet Evening Visit – Silver Birch Manor/Lodge and Lakeland Ridge Junior High School

Our students are always extremely excited about this evening visit, as it gives them the opportunity to introduce their “linked” senior to their parent. This visit also allows all of us at Linking Generations to recognize how much each student is an integral part of Linking Generation’s success and show our pride in the students.

Each student invites one family member to attend this visit with them. The seniors involved in our program do the same. The Family Meet and Greet is similar to a regular Linking Generations visit, as we have a structured activity to do together. It is a great fun night !

Our Family Meet and Greet with Lakeland Ridge Junior High and Heartland Housing Silver Birch Manor/Lodge was held Tuesday February 21st, 2017. The room was overflowing with seniors, students and families. As the structured activity was played, we witnessed the competition showing amongst our seniors. They still love to win and place first ! Our Find the Alberta Town activity was a hit!!!!!

Linking Generations was honoured to have Heartland Housing executives in attendance, Lakeland School Principal Ryan Marshall, and the Linking Generations school liaison Sherry Janke. It was with such pride to also have in attendance a very special Funder of Linking Generations: TELUS!!!! Thank you all for making this night a huge success!!!

Check out all of the Family Meet and Greet pictures in the Gallery !!