Our Family Meet and Greet events are a resounding success!!!

Our students have had quite a few visits so far with their seniors, and both the students and the seniors have had a great time. When we witness the friendships between the seniors and the students, we are always amazed at how much interaction there is, and the ease of it. The joy that has come to both the seniors and the students is over whelming.

Mid way through our program year, we host our Annual Family Meet and Greet evening.

Our students and seniors are the integral part of Linking Generations success, so we invite both to share their program success with their families. Each student and senior is asked to invite ONE family member to attend a special Linking Generations group visit. The Family Meet and Greet is similar to a regular Linking Generations visit, as we have a structured activity to do together plus we plan fun for everyone!

We have heard stories from parents on how Linking Generations is changing the mind set of today’s youth about seniors, and we heard comments from the seniors families on how enriched their parents lives have become once again!

Check out the pictures in the Gallery !!