About Us

Created in 2004 as a charitable organization, Linking Generations provides mentored and structured visits aimed at building relationships between seniors and youth in our community. The program brings the generations together so they can share their knowledge and life experiences, and encourages volunteering and social responsibility in youth.


Where seniors and youth build relationships that enrich their lives and enhance their communities


Linking Generations creates connections between seniors and youth by nurturing friendships built through volunteering and structured mentorship


Linking Generations places emphasize on achieving our Long Term Goals, ultimately fulfilling our Vision and Mission Statements:

  • Build relationships with youth in the program and within our community.
  • Engage schools to build skills and citizenship in students.
  • Enhance the quality of life of seniors through sharing their wisdom and life experience with young people.
  • Respond to changing environments as we create and deliver innovative programs.
  • Recognize that Linking Generations is well known for the excellent program it offers.
  • Foster and celebrate age-friendly communities through personal development and learning
  • Overcome ageist stereotypes.