Program Benefits

Inter-generational connections are proven to enrich the lives of both youth and seniors in long-lasting and meaningful ways.

When youth find ways to engage and develop relationships with the elderly, these experiences can build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and encourage a lifelong commitment to volunteering.

For seniors, inter-generational connections provide the opportunity to transfer knowledge and wisdom, acknowledge self-worth, and feel they are contributing members of society.

In today’s world, many young people are experiencing less interaction with seniors because of homogeneous neighbourhoods, dispersed extended families, and increasing segregation of seniors living in care facilities. As long as contact between the generations does not happen naturally, it is necessary to create intentional inter-generational opportunities to foster relationships, share resources and strengthen our communities.

Linking Generations facilitates these opportunities by transporting students to senior care homes approximately 18 times per school year. Program coordinators and community volunteers mentor student and senior teams by facilitating activities during the scheduled visits. Our volunteers enter the program with their hearts open and ready for new experiences – they leave with both their hearts and minds full.