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Cherish our Seniors & Value our Youth!

Linking Generations is very pleased to announce that, due to the continued interest and desire for a structured, mentored intergenerational program in our community, we are once again able to offer our program beginning in the fall of 2014.

A team of individuals, including new members, past program coordinators and past board members, has been supported by the founder of Linking Generations in our reorganization efforts.  This team has obtained the necessary funds required to offer the Linking Generations program to seniors and youth in our community, allowing them to connect in meaningful ways.

Beginning in September and ending in early May, seniors and students will volunteer their time to connect with each other.  Each bi-weekly visit has a specific goal in mind – whether that be for the youth to experience the past through the eyes of their senior, for the seniors to learn about current technology and the fast-paced lives the students lead, or just to bring joy into each other’s hearts.

We recognize the value this program has brought to both generations over the past nine years, and value the opportunity to continue bridging the ever-increasing gap between the generations.

Looking forward to new beginnings…