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First Visit: New Friendships are Budding !

Out 2016/2017 program year has started !!

Check out all the pictures in the Gallery !!

Linking Generations currently links seniors and students with five local schools and senior care facilities in Sherwood Park. Each senior is matched with two youth. These two young adults will remain linked with the same senior for the complete school/program year. This program year we have 114 youth and 64 seniors currently involved in our five programs. In September, Information Sessions were held at the schools and at the seniors care centers to recruit student and seniors who want to be part of our program. This year there was such tremendous interest from the student body in that a total of 202 student applications were received for the 114 student volunteer positions. It is amazing to think these young people are so interested in being linked to an elderly person, someone they have never met before. These numbers are a real testament to our success and the demand for Intergenerational programs such as ours; however it is sad that we had to turn away more than 88 students.

Linking Generations was formed to bridge the gap between seniors and youth within our community. We believe that it touches our seniors in such a positive way by providing them with an opportunity to continue to mentor the youth in our community, while easing the sense of isolation and loneliness that often comes with aging. Our structured, mentored program provides a unique opportunity for these generations to “link” with each other in a safe environment.