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Creating Our Very Own Tree of Dreams and Friendship Thoughts

What better way to start a conversation between our teams, than to sit and talk about friendship and dreams.

Our seniors and students spent an afternoon, talking and sharing what Friendship means and what dreams each person had.

Reading some of the comments, we can be very appreciative of the wonderful relationships that have been built between our seniors and students. Some of the comments over heard from our program participants included : “Friendship means loyalty”. “Friends know when your sad, happy or stressed”. “Friends do not  judge you or put your down- they are there for the good times and the bad times”.

Each senior and student traced each of their  hands and then cut their hands out.  Each wrote something on each hand- something about friendship on one hand and dreams on the other . These became Tree leaves.

Check out all of the Own Tree of Dreams and Friendship Thoughts pictures in the Gallery !!