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Linking Generations – What an amazing article written by Nadine Hooper in the Sherwood Park News on Tuesday April 4, 2017 !

In the Sherwood Park News is a page called “Never Been Better”. On Tuesday April 4th 2017 an article by Nadine Hooper was published. This is an amazing article talking about how the seniors and students feel, behave, and care.

Here is a bit of the article:

I really enjoy being with young people. Their energy is contagious. Our energy level seems to drop as we age, but a few hours with teenagers can rejuvenate eighty and ninety year olds.

We have been given the privilege by schools here in Sherwood Park to take part in a visit once a week with an organization called Linking Generations. It has been the source of many happy hours for myself and others …

To read the entire article, go to the Linking Generations Community Impact webpage.