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To our valued Funders and Community Supporters


Our 2017-2018 Linking Generations program year has officially started, and we are excited about this year’s program plans and visits!

This current program year we have seen an increase in not only in our youth participants, but also that of our senior involvement. We have over 225 program participants this year throughout our six programs. Our Intergeneration Programs are offered to four local Junior High Schools and two local Senior High Schools. All schools are partnered with a Senior Care Facility/Residence, and our partnerships continue to be very strong.

Linking Generations is very unique. We believe that our Linking Generations Programs continue to open new opportunities for seniors to interact with youth. Linking Generations believes that our community benefits from supporting seniors to share their lifetime of experiences and wisdom. Our programs help to ease the loneliness that seniors face, that it fills an essential need for emotional connections and provides the seniors with a sense of contributing to society. Our wish is that we are helping to develop responsible citizenship for youth while recognizing the importance of respecting and cherishing our elders. When youth find ways to engage and develop relationships with the elderly, these experiences can build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, and encourage a lifelong commitment to volunteering. For seniors, intergenerational connections provide the opportunity to transfer knowledge and wisdom, acknowledge self-worth, and feel they are contributing members of society. Our local seniors’ lodges do have opportunities for sporadic interactions with youths, however a year long structured and mentored program that is overseen by a non-profit organization is currently not available in Sherwood Park County nor in the City of Edmonton.

Our success could not be accomplished without the dedication, commitment and involvement from our Funders and community sponsors. Each year we benefit from the generosity of our funding partners and we strive to achieve our mutual goals of making positive, lasting impacts in the community where we live.

Thank you !