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It’s Planting Time at Linking Generations

It’s Planting Time!

Linking Generations is very grateful to our wonderful partnership with Greenland Garden Centre. This year, Greenland ensured that our spring annuals were ready to go for our senior and student planting visits.

Each team painted a terracotta pot and filled it with a different assortment of annuals. These will now stay with our seniors so that each senior sees the plant flourish each day. The visit at Silver Birch Manor was made even more special as it was sowing outside when we planted our spring flowers.

Do you like to garden?  Why or why not?

What is your favorite vegetable?  Your favorite fruit?

If you could have your own garden, what would you plant?

What is your favorite flower? Why?

What does spring mean to you?  Is it your favorite season? Why or why not?

Have you ever visited a famous garden? i.e.: Butchart Gardens?  The gardens at Versailles?

Fun Fact:  The earth has more than 80,000 species of edible plants, yet 90 percent of the foods humans eat come from just 30 plants!  However, 70,000 plant species are utilized for medicine.

Check out the pictures in the Gallery !!