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Linking Generations Scrapbooking with Seniors from SilverBirch Manor and Lakeland Ridge Junior High

Many people think that scrapbooking is a recent phenomenon, but the history of albums, recognizable as something that we’d call a scrapbook today, dates to not only before the invention of photography – but also to before the origin of the word “scrapbook” itself. Scrapbooking is rooted in the history of printed images and in the long history of personal storytelling. It is from the merging of these two progressions that we get the modern scrapbook in all its current forms.

Our last structured visit with Linking Generations is always about the memories shared through the program year. We capture these moments and stories and our seniors and students build individual scrapbooks to remember the wonderful friendships they have made.

Seniors from SilverBirch Manor and linked students from Lakeland Ridge Junior High

Check out the pictures in the Gallery !!