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Are you ready to play the world’s greatest word game?

Students and Seniors share an afternoon playing a wacky Mad Lib game with each other. teams asked each other for words to fill in the blanks to create a funny story.

Today I went to the zoo. I saw a(n) (adjective) __(Noun) jumping up and down in its tree. He _(verb, past tense) _(adverb) through the large tunnel that led to its (adjective) _(noun). I got some peanuts and passed them through the cage to a gigantic gray (noun) towering above my head. Feeding that animal made me hungry. I went to get a _(adjective) scoop of ice cream. It filled my stomach. Afterwards I had to _(verb) _ (adverb) to catch our bus. When I got home I _(verb, past tense) my mom for a __(adjective) day at the zoo.

Click here to check out pictures of the St. Theresa Catholic School students & Bedford Village seniors.