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A Visit with One of our Grandparents (Grandma Marion) and Her Students

My last day at Mills Haven, Gr4B was absolutely FANTASTIC.

I was there an hour & 1/4; after meeting in the classroom, we spent our time in the Court Yard on a beautiful sunny & warm Spring Day – Friday, June 3, 2022.

The teacher and students gathered around as I answered many of the submitted questions. I encouraged them to interject with questions that popped in their heads as I was describing various topics. As usual this is a “bright” class with lots of additional thoughts and questions. Some were very familiar with various words – knitting, crocheting, quilting as they had Grandmas that had those hobbies; another student, when talking about chicks, asked if we ever incubated eggs, wanted to know about gathering eggs, my horse riding experiences – and always the topic of dogs (the entire class loves dogs). They wanted to know what “rich” meant back then, transportation and food. Etc Etc Etc.

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