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Heartland Housing Dr. Turner Lodge and St. John Paul II Junior High School Students

After numerous outbreaks/shutdowns and visit cancellations in the past two years, it is so rewarding to be back planning and hosting our Family Meet and Greet events at our partnership senior facilities.

Our Linking Generations Students and Seniors become extremely excited about this evening visit, as it gives both participants an opportunity to introduce their” linked” student or senior to their family.

This visit also allows all of us at Linking Generations to recognize how much each senior and student is an integral part of Linking Generation’s success. Each student and senior can invite one parent or family member over the age of 18 years to attend this visit with them. In prior years, we have hosted this event over two evenings, so as not to exceed program participants.

The Family Meet and Greet is similar to a regular Linking Generations visit, as we will have a structured activity to do together plus, we have some fun planned for everyone!

A great time for all !

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