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Crafting Connections

In the Linking Generations Junior High School Program, each senior is partnered with two students (plus an alternate) to help facilitate conversation and make the best of each bi-weekly visit. In this month’s blog, two student participants share their reasons for volunteering with Linking Generations:

Our names are Amber and Cameryn. We joined Linking Generations because of multiple reasons.

“I joined because I never see my grandparents and my aunt has ALS so I feel very lonely. Joining gave me the opportunity to connect with someone who also rarely visits relatives. Plus [I thought] it would be fun to spend time doing crafts with others.” –Amber T.

“I joined Linking Generations because I love to volunteer and thought it would be fun to make crafts with my friends and the elders.” –Cameryn S.

Our elder Eloise is so amazing we are so glad we joined. Thank you Linking Generations.