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Spending Time Together is Life Changing

Welcome to the 2015 LG blog! The first entry is by me, Zoe! I will be talking about how I feel about LG. [Zoe is pictured on the right]

First of all, I love the atmosphere! All the seniors are happy to be there and so are the students! I believe that when everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves, it makes it really hard not to be happy!

When I first applied for this program I knew that this was going to be an awesome experience! Boy was I right! When I walk into the room all the supervisors are smiling and making sure everyone is having a great time! They organize crafts, games and much more!

Another thing I love about LG is I have finally realized that spending time with someone can mean a lot! And by that I mean life changing! These seniors sometimes just need a little cheering up and it can make them healthier and more social!

This opportunity has showed me that volunteering is fun! One thing I will never forget about LG is having so much fun with my senior!

I think LINKING GENERATIONS is the perfect name for this program because I have truly LINKED with my senior this first half of the year! I also find that when other GENERATIONS are together we all learn! Students learn about what it was like back in the day, and seniors learn about how things work now and all the new things that have come out.

If I get a chance to this program again next year I will be eager to put my name down! So for everyone still not sure to do this program, don’t think, do! This program will not only change your own life but the life of your senior as well!

Well that’s it for me! Hope you join!